Dead Cheerleader Costume

By | September 4, 2014

Dead Cheerleader Costume will scare the hell out of your friends at parties Halloween, Christmas in the middle of the summer any fantasy dress parties you are invited to or not. Wear it out to night clubs anywhere you want go in it you attract an audience where ever.

Cool legging which look like skeleton bones special cut top and dress to give the illusion to appear old and authentic, pom pom made out of dead victims hair! The Dead Cheerleader Costume is a great choice for old and young party costume dressers.

Your’ll be the live or death of the party, people won’t stop asking where you got it from and your reply i just woke up like this as if you got out of a coffin dead to roam the earth living dead. The Dead Cheerleader Costume is undead in terms of a fashion style.

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