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Zombie Cheerleader Costume

Wearing a zombie cheerleader costume your be feared from all humans.You’ll have them running away from you in terror, begging for mercy and rolling up into a ball wishing they were dead. Zombie cheerleader costume themed on the high school girl bitten by a zombie, a look that can be pulled of by only a few… Read More »

Sexy Cheerleader Costume

Sexy Cheerleader Costume will make you the lives of the party you can guarantee a result with the boys, god bless American will spring from your dress like no other girl when wearing this Sexy Cheerleader Costume your be number one in all boys eyes. You can wear the Sexy Cheerleader Costume at the ball… Read More »

Dead Cheerleader Costume

Dead Cheerleader Costume will scare the hell out of your friends at parties Halloween, Christmas in the middle of the summer any fantasy dress parties you are invited to or not. Wear it out to night clubs anywhere you want go in it you attract an audience where ever. Cool legging which look like skeleton… Read More »

Spartan Cheerleader Costume

The Spartan Cheerleader Costume from the Saturday Night Live character played by Cheri Oteri is a lovely geeky cheerful look. If you enjoyed the show then your going to be enjoying wearing the uniform featured in the show also then, are you a Cheri Oteri fan? did you used to watch Saturday night live? if… Read More »

Plus Size Cheerleader Costume

Plus size cheerleader costume are designed to fix the plumper girl making her bigness into beauty. If you a little too big for those per-teak Number then this here dress could the one you where looking for, who says larger girls cant wear cheerleader outfits and make then look sexy. You can with this little… Read More »